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How to do Running Training on Slopes?

To train for running on slopes is the best way to gain strength running. If one day a week at least, you train on a fairly steep ramp, you will build more muscle mass and be able to withstand the impacts of the running and no longer will injure yourself. The running sets on slopes are important if you do short, fast runs and if you like country cross or mountain running. But remember that leg strength is one of the biggest predictors of how you are getting in the last kilometers of a marathon or half marathon, the greater the force will be, the greater the chance will be to keep up for long.
The trainers say that the sets on slopes are a series of covert speed to increase the force with which you stride for training and the same muscles you use when you are performing short sets of 100 or 150 meters on plain, even without applying the techniques. So training on long slopes is one of the best ideas for those who have little time and run only as a supplement to their sport, but they are not interested in improving running.
How to make running sets on slopes?
We take in up to 10 to 45 seconds while the longest slopes are almost exclusive of marathon runners, for whom the resistance force is more important than the explosive force. To enter short sets, all runners should be engaged in long distances and they must make it at least a part of the season.
According to experts and when your competition approaches, the ideal is to shorten the slopes and make them increasingly intense to train.

  • Run for 10 to 20 seconds and it is ideal that the inclination does not let us stand still in the middle of the run without having to make an effort to avoid not falling back.
  • Run for 45 seconds beginning with a slight slope and a very tough stretch in the final meters.
The recovery of the training session must be done walking, not running and still let a minute until the muscles are able to re-make the effort. Remember, the important thing is to gain strength, not endurance while doing this training. It is an anaerobic job.
Training program slopes
You can program this to train for running on slopes once a week, two months on long hills, one of transition and one by short and intense slopes. The slopes are quality running training sessions. If you have scheduled a day of strength training in the gym to train lower abs and, do it right before training on hills, it is a good idea.


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